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Updated: Jan 25, 2024

First day back since the holidays, so I wasn’t expecting much.

Spent time adding custom CSS to my Buttondown subscriber page, to get it somewhat inline with the one-pager I’ve been work on.

Then I took a break from building and starting re-reading Resilient Web Design by Jeremy Keith. It’s a big inspiration for this course, so I’m reading it once more to see what it sparks.

I guess I’m in the research phase, where I work on the curriculum and try to figure out how best to structure this course. I don’t have the answer yet, but maybe the name holds a clue?

Practical Hugo was the result of a question I’m often asked:

“Can you point me in the direction of a decent tutorial that shows me how to build a site with Hugo – from start to finish?”

This is usually followed by something along the lines of;

“…there’s a lot going on in the Hugo docs… I’m struggling to piece it all together.”

A few weeks back I jotted down a possible tagline for this course;

“12 practical projects to help you learn Hugo.”

Of course, the number 12 is arbitrary, at this stage, but here’s what I’m thinking.

What if the course is built around several different projects? One website per project.

Start small and beginner friendly – a one-pager perhaps, like the one I just mentioned.

With each new project we introduce new concepts, new functionality, new ways of working with Hugo. You learn by doing, through a series of practical projects.

Maybe I’m trying to run before I can walk. All just ideas at this stage.

I expect slow progress with this, at least until the new year. We’re only just the other side of Christmas and I’m still working on my year end review.

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