Starting a new Sanity project

Updated: Feb 17 2022 is a headless CMS that allows you to structure your content by building custom schemas and deliver it as a flexible API, which you can then query using the front-end technology of your choice.

Install Sanity #

Install Sanity studio globally:

npm install -g @sanity/cli

This will allow you to use the sanity CLI and scaffold new projects directly from the command line.

Create a new project #

To start a new project create a new project directory and move into it:

mkdir new-project && cd new-project

Run sanity init to log in Sanity, set up a dataset, and generate the files needed to run the editing environment locally.

If this is your first project choose Create new project, then give your project a name and name your dataset, this can be anything you like. If you leave blank it will be given the default name production.

Next select dataset visibility, choose the output path and select a template. It’s a good idea to choose blog if this is your first project as it will give you a clue how to structure your schema. You can always delete the default schema later.

Sanity will resolve dependencies then you will be ready to start the project.

Next steps #

Launch the project in VSCode, using code . from the root directory, then use sanity start to run a locally instance of the studio in your browser.

Now you‘re ready to start building your content schema.

Further reading #

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