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Updated: Jan 25, 2024

Feel like I should have got way more done with today, but my heads thumping, so it’s been hard to focus.

I did managed to get a rough outline together for the second module of Practical Hugo. Not sure it’s quite right yet, I’ll take another look tomorrow.

Also started working on a little social strategy. If I have any chance of getting people signed up for this course, then I’m gonna need one. I’m useless at Twitter, but do love a good system.

Had another idea. For each project in the course, I thought I might design the site in Figma first, then publish the design as a community template. A lot more work, but could be a nice way to loop back to the course. Perhaps via a simple plug; learn how to build this template in code @practicalhugo… or something along those lines.

Another thing to think about.

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