Time blocking

Updated: Jan 19 2022

Felt like I needed more structure to my days, and balance between things I’m working on, so I’m giving time blocking another go.

I set them up in Google Calendar, as I did before. I’ll keep a browser tab open on MacBook, whilst I work on my monitor. That way they’re nice and visible and I’ll have more chance of staying on track. I like the way the red line reminds you where you are in the day, and what you should be focusing on.

Latest attempt at time blocking
Latest attempt at time blocking

I know many people like to schedule their time blocks on a daily basis. Making each block specific to certain tasks for that day – what I like to call “active” time blocking. My approach is slightly different – what I’m calling “passive” time blocking.

The passive approach is the set up your time blocks once in a calendar and stick with them approach. It’s low maintenance. They focus on general activities, rather than specific tasks. Good if you’re days or weeks follow a similar schedule, as mine do. I’m sure there’ll be things I’m forgetting, but I’ll give it a go this week and see how I get on. If all goes well then I might write an article about it. I started one a while back, but never finish it.

In other news, I added a 404 page to practicalhugo.com because Google search console sent me one of those nice usability issue warnings. I actually did that yesterday but I didn’t get round to writing an update.

Almost done with a first draft for a Markdown basics lesson. I think this will go in module 1 – Up and running.

This afternoon I fixed the CMS for Noba International. We added multilingual support just before Christmas, which changed the content structure and messed up Forestry. Totally forgot to check it at the time, but all sorted now.

Nearly done with some new UI mockups for AIN. We’re improving the affiliate marketing flow. Fairly happy with where it’s at. Maybe I’ll share some screenshots tomorrow.

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