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Updated: Jan 4 2022

Hello friend. Welcome to a new thing – updates.

I’ve added an updates page to my website so I can share short-form posts about what I’m currently working on and how I’m going about it.

I have a tendency to go round in circles stuck in the editing process. Endlessly polishing and perfecting long-form articles before I finally hit publish. Maybe this sounds familiar?

I hope these updates will help me change my mindset. I want to get in the habit of getting stuff out there and sharing more often.

Don’t expect much editing going on round here. I want to keep these updates nice and short - somewhere between the length of a tweet and a short article. Short is good. Less to edit, less to sweat over – easier to publish.

My aim is to write these updates as often as possible, ideally daily, at the very least weekly. I want to get this stuff out of my head and into the habit of posting regularly.

I’ve just started working on a new project (the main reason this idea came about) so I should have plenty to test the water with and update you about. I’m short on time today, so I’ll share more on this tomorrow, if all goes to plan.

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