Practical Hugo

Updated: Jan 4 2022

Yesterdays update really helped me clarify a few things about the Hugo course I’m working on.

I want the course to be as practical as possible, packed full of utility, to give whoever decides to take it a range of experience with Hugo and a number of different projects to show for it.

So I picked up the domain name on a bit of a whim. It feels sort of right and anyway was already taken. No surprises there. @practicalhugo was also available on Twitter which is a bonus. Not sure I’ll even use it but I’ve got it, just in case.

This is also a little nod to Gordon Zhu’s old course Practical JavaScript, which is one of the first courses I ever took on JavaScript. It was a good course, I learnt a lot, but it’s since been deprecated, so I thought I’d pinch the ‘practical’ part and see where I get with it.

I realise this changes a few things and undoes some of the initial work I’ve done on setting up a mailing list and landing page for the course on this site, but it’s early days so I was half expecting this might happen.

If you’ve been following these updates you’ll know my initial plan was to host course content on here my personal site, but in hindsight I think giving the course it’s own platform will give me more flexibility in the long run. It does mean I’ll have to create a new site, set up a new mailing list, etc. But it’s all good practice and means I can work on a whole new design.

I have no plans to move these course related updates away from my personal site. They feel, well, personal, so it’s probably the best place to keep them. It just means I’ll have to update a few links to point to the new domain name, when I get round to launching a new site.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at for now. I spent the morning writing some basic getting started bits – how to install Hugo and work with Hugo’s CLI. Not the most exciting stuff but important none the less, so I’m getting it done.

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