Minor freak out

Updated: Jan 5 2022

I had a minor freak out this morning. I think it was a combination of things that set me off.

It’s been a quiet start to the year (work-wise), so I’ve had more than enough time to digest exactly how much work it’s going to take to create a course I’m actually happy with.

Rebekka reminded not to panic – it’s only the 5th of January.

At least I’ve got something to focus on. It’s feels good to have direction.

I took a break from writing this afternoon and tried to replicate Regis’s good work in Toward using a Headless CMS with Hugo: Building Pages from an API. It went without a hitch.

We can now build pages with data! This is an exciting evolution for Hugo.

I’ll have to think up my own interpretation of this, it would be a mistake to leave it out. Full credit to Regis, of course.

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