Micro Steps

Updated: Jan 4 2022

Feels like I’m making micro steps at the moment, but I’m heading in the right direction.

I added a sign up form to practicalhugo.com, then spontaneously ditched Mailchimp in favour of Buttondown for the email list – hopefully this doesn’t turn out to be a bad decision. I know Mailchimp pretty well, which is why I tend to stick with it, but as they add new features it’s starting to feel like overkill for my basic needs.

On the other hand, Buttondown seems super simple and you can write emails in markdown – exactly what I’m looking for. I only hear positive things from those who use it, and this new project is a great chance to take it for a spin.

So far I’ve managed to hook the form up to my new list. Tomorrow I’ll clean up the automated sign up emails, work on a some kind of welcome email and dig further into the docs.

That’s it for today. Time to make some dinner then get those presents wrapped.

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