Updated: Jan 20 2022

Woke up this morning to a power cut on our street and no running water. What else am I’m currently taking for granted, that I would miss if it were gone?

No water meant no coffee, so booked at table through AndCo and spent the morning working from the Dixon hotel. A change of scene is always good, but this time it threw my time blocks out of sync – not exactly the best start.

Started looking into hosting sites via InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The whole open-source, decentralised peer-to-peer thing is a great fit for building resilient websites. Continuous deployment is made very easy with Fleek, the open-web’s answer to Netlify. Think I’ll have to add a new lesson to the deploying your site to the web module.

This afternoon I found a spare few minutes, so bought back my /things page. It’s not much, but it will do for now. Somewhere to keep track of personal projects, tools I’ve built, things like that.

Work related projects are now case studies. Still lots to add.

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