Get something live

Updated: Jan 4 2022

Trying not to loose focus in the run up to Christmas, so today I set myself a simple goal – get something live on by the end of the day.

It’s not much, but it’s something and I’m telling myself that’s all that matters – move fast with easy wins and make progress through iteration.

I hoped to add a sign up form, but I was working on it between meetings. Then I went down a rabbit whole thinking about how to make the leanest Hugo site possible, as you so often do.

Some very quick thoughts on this, before I switch off for th evening.

What’s the least amount of code (Hugo templating, HTML, CSS, etc) it takes to build a website that works well and looks great? A minimum viable website, if you like.

Something for an intro lesson perhaps.

I’ll think more about this tomorrow, when I get on with that sign up form.

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