Updated: Jan 24 2022

Found some time to improve performance on roofsimple.com. Now rather than rending video content directly in iFrames on page load, it’s now now lazy-loaded using a nice little facade technique from Paul Irish.

If all this is new to you, using a facade is just a fancy way of saying you’re replacing the actual embedded video with a static image that looks similar.

Video is expensive in terms of performance, so it makes far more sense to render a static image on page load, then swap out the image for the iFrame, when a visitor clicks the play button. A simple but effective way to improve speed and user experience.

The performance gains from such a quick enhancement make it well worth looking into, especially if your websites contain lots of video.

For more on the various techniques I recommend checking out Lazy load third-party resources with facades from web.dev. And, of course, Paul’s lite-youtube-embed repo.

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