Building interest

Updated: Feb 9 2022

I‘ve been thinking about new ways to build interest in Practical Hugo and generally provide some value whilst I’m working on lesson material.

My first idea was to release a couple of lesson previews, which I still plan on doing. This should give you an idea of my teaching style and the way lessons are structured. But lesson previews are only helpful if you already know about the course, or miraculously manage to land on the website, somehow. I really need content I can drip out regularly via Twitter, and so on. To raise awareness and drive traffic back to the site.

I thought about creating short articles, once a week, something concise enough to build Twitter threads with. Quick tips to show you some of the lesser known features of Hugo. Perhaps I’ll also publish these tips on the site. Good for SEO, also good for subscribing via RSS. I’m a big fan of the latter, as you may well know.

I’m also trying to be more active in the Hugo discourse, answering questions I can, whenever I have a spare moment.

It’d be clever to add a callout to Hugo articles here on my personal site, which directs folk to the course site. My personal site gets a fair bit of traffic, and it wouldn’t be much effort, so that’s an easy win. One for tomorrow, perhaps.

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