Balance everything

Updated: Jan 14 2022

Tried to rewrite the Practical Hugo course intro this morning, but failed to come up with anything notable.

So I jumped ahead to module 2 and smashed out an ugly first draft of lesson one - creating pages (with the hugo new command). Way easier to write technical stuff – paste in the code, then pad it out with words. I can handle that.

Squashed a few bugs on, but didn’t have much time after that. Client work was calling, so I switched modes. Worked on a design for this fun little award certificate and a few other bits.

Last night I read Balance Everything, the final chapter in How to Live by Derek Sivers. Great book, recommended to me by Robert.

Now I’m thinking about balance in my life, and how I’m not always good at it. I’ve got a bad habit of going all in on one thing, and letting other stuff slip. Something else I need to work on.

Derek has a helpful analogy:

“Imagine the different aspects of your life as the spokes in a wheel: health, wealth, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, or however you divide it.
If any of these are lacking, it makes a lopsided, wobbly wheel, causing you to crash. But if you keep the parts of your life balanced, your wheel is round, and you roll easily.“

Derek goes on to talk about how important it is to “schedule everything to ensure balance of your your time and effort.“

It got me thinking about time blocking, again and how helpful it is to have a clear roadmap of how you spend your time. A reminder of whats important, an intentional plan for each day. No chance of getting the balance wrong if you’ve planned it all out up front.

I’ve neglected my time blocks. Maybe I should try again.

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