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2023 in Review

Year in Review

Although I’m ending 2023 with a stinking cold, overall it’s been a positive year and I‘m excited to pick things up again in 2024.

2022 in Review

Year in Review

2022 for the most part has been a good one. I’m ending it feeling fit and energised for the year ahead – I can’t ask for much more than that.

2021 in Review

Year in Review

I spent the final few days of 2021 reflecting on the past 12 months – what went well, what didn’t go well and what I learnt by living through it.

2020 in Review

Year in Review

2020 isn’t a year many of us are keen to look back on, myself included. But even when not much goes right, and you end the year sick, there always something positive to take away.

2019 in Review

Year in Review

With 2019 almost over, it’s time to reflect on what have been another busy 12 months. This is a chance take note of my successes and failures and pinpoint potential areas for improvement.

2018 in Review

Year in Review

A chance to reflect and review my successes and failures over the past year, in a conscious effort to evaluate my progress, make improvements and insure I stay focused on the right stuff in the year ahead.

A Year in Review

Year in Review

Why write a review of your year and how do you go about writing one? Here are the reasons why I decided to start writing one and the format I follow.

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