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App Defaults

I’m bit late to the party, but nevertheless, here are my app defaults at the end of 2023.


One of those things in life we’d all rather live without. But they’re here to stay and they’re getting more expensive.

Plain text project management

Typically all I need to manage a project these days is a plain text file, a content template and a simple todo list. Enter Obsidian.

Dumbing down the Apple Watch

I’ve been on the smart watch fence for a while now. My main concern is creating one more distraction in a growing list of distractions.

M1 web development setup

I just picked up a MacBookPro M1. I held out for a while, but with the summer we’re having here in the UK, my MacBookPro 2015’s fan spinning days are over.

Masking email

How to protect your privacy, fight spam and reclaim control of your email address.

Taking notes while you’re out running

In a ideal world good ideas arrive just at the right time, when you’re sat at a desk with a pen in hand and paper to write on. But the reality is that it doesn’t always work this way.

Monthly Newsletter

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