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Set up a Gatsby project with Sanity

How to configure Gatsby to play nice with Sanity. Including configuring the gatsby-source-sanity plugin and some cool extra development features that ship with Sanity.

Deploy a GraphQL API for a Sanity project

If you want to consume your Sanity dataset from a front-end the you will need to set up an API. You can do this using Sanity’s custom query language GROQ or GraphQL. These notes focus on the latter.

Content schema in Sanity

When modelling your data try and think about your content not as ‘pages’ but as content ‘types’ and establish what fields each of those content types will need.

Starting a new Sanity project

Sanity is a headless CMS that allows you to structure your content by building custom schemas and deliver it as a flexible API, which you can then query using a front-end of your choice.

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