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Hoisting in Javascript

What exactly is hoisting? Hoisting allows you to access functions and variables before they have been created.

Click to delete

Notes taken from module 10 of Practical JavaScript, a free course by Gordon Zhu. In this part we create a way to delete todo items with a todo button.

Escape the Console

Version 9 of Practical Javascript course, learn how to leave the console behind and allow users to use the interface and return data to the screen

HTML and the DOM

Build a todo app with Javascript,learn about the Document Object Model and begin building the front-end HTML to allow users to interface with our application


Build a todo app with Javascript, learn about Boolean values.


Objects allow you to group your functions together, so everything related to your todo list is in one place and easy to access.


Functions are like recipes; a set of instructions which can be given to someone so they know exactly what to do or how to make something.


In programming, lists are called Arrays. Learn how to build an array and display items from the array in the console.

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