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Page, Site and Params

Variables and Params play a major role in storing, accessing and returning data in Hugo projects. So understanding how they work is critical.

Menus in Hugo

Section menus, front matter menus, config menus. This covers the lot. Including menu highlighting, working with sub menus and adding external links.

Instagram on Hugo websites

Learn how to build a simple lightweight, GDPR compliant Instagram feed using Hugo and Profile Page Images Loader in under 5 minutes.

Hugo and redirects

Working with redirects on Hugo websites that deploy with Netlify. Why redirects are important if you make changes to the structure of your content, and how to set them up in less than 5 minutes.

Listing page content in Hugo

The ins and outs of listing content in Hugo. Breaking down the various functions and variables it takes to create lists of the different content types.

Monthly Newsletter

Once a month I curate a newletter for designers and developers interested in static sites, CSS and web performance. Check out past issues to get an idea.