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Slowing down

We’re back in Hamburg for the week, visiting family and catching up with old friends.


For a long time it seemed like having a personal moodboard was all the rage. Then Instagram came along and all that changed.

Growing up

I haven’t written in a while. Last week I got Covid (again), so I’ve been taking it pretty easy.

Less CSS

How little CSS is too little CSS? How few lines can get away with before a site starts to feel, well, unstyled?

Building themes

This year I plan on sharing a couple of themes with the Hugo community.

Creative constraints

I’m writing on my phone more and more these days. I seem to find it much easier to keep my writing concise and to the point when working on a tiny screen.

Building interest

I‘ve been thinking about new ways to build interest in Practical Hugo and generally provide some value whilst I’m working on lesson material.

0.029g per visit

Calculating the carbon footprint of a webpage, working on Figma designs in public, adding skip-links and using familiar link :hover styles.


Improving video performance by lazy-loading iframes using fancy facades.


Woke up this morning to a power cut on our street and no running water. What else am I’m currently taking for granted, that I would miss if it were gone?

Time blocking

Felt like I needed more structure to my days, and balace in things I’m working on, so I’m giving time blocking another go.

Balance everything

It’s not always easy to find a balance in life. I’ve got a bad habit of going all in on one thing, and letting other stuff slip.

Another thing

Feel like I should have got way more done with today, but my heads thumping, so it’s been hard to focus.

Tiny ideas

I’ve been keeping a list of all sorts of tiny ideas, to implement when I need a change of scene.

One of those weeks

It’s been one of those weeks where I sat at my desk for far too long but still felt like I’ve got nowhere.

Early access

From now until launch, anyone who signs up for Practical Hugo will get free access to course material in return for completing a short survey about their experience with Hugo.

Bank holiday

It’s a bank holiday here today in the UK, so it was nice and quiet – a good chance to focus on developing this course outline.

Déjà Vu

I’m repeating myself, but that’s how it is when you’re making sense of things.

Resilient research

Now in the research phase, where I try and figure out how best to structure this course. I don’t have the answer yet, maybe the name holds a clue?

Micro Steps

I ditched Mailchimp in favour of Buttondown for the email list – hopefully this doesn’t turn out to be a bad decision

Get something live

Trying not to loose focus in the run up to Christmas, so today I set myself a simple goal – get something live on by the end of the day.

Practical Hugo

Clarifying things, picking a domain name and moving the course I’m working on to it’s own home on the web.

Course utility

I spent the morning thinking about how best to structure this course. To get the ball rolling a had a poke around in some of the courses I’ve taken recently.

Related updates

Course related updates now automatically display on my Hugo course page. It took some thought but the solution was pretty simple in the end.

Flexible data capture

My course needed a dedicated signup form, so I improved the one in the footer of my site so it can be changed on a page-by-page basis. Here’s how I did it.

Doing the work

Things are starting to take shape and my Hugo course is no longer just an idea. Here’s where I’m at and where I’m heading next.

Learning exhaust

I’m commiting to writing a course on Hugo by sharing the process in public. The plan is to create daily ‘learning exhaust’ in the form of updates like this.

Sharing more

I’ve added an updates page to my website so I can share short-form posts about what I’m currently working on and how I’m going about it.

Chasing the hype

A few thoughts on focusing on your interests and choosing your own path. You don’t have to learn that fancy framework to be a successful web developer.

Showing up

You often read that the best way to make progress and achieve your goals is to show up every day and put in the hours. But this doesn’t make it any easier to make happen.

Expert and beginner

A few thoughts on sharing what you know, regardless of your experience and finding an openness to reinvent and learn from others.

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