Personal projects I’m currently working on and various other things I’ve built in the past.

Active projects #

Practical Hugo is a course on building resilient websites with Hugo & the Jamstack. I’m in the process of putting together and if all goes to plan it will launch in Spring 2022.

Local London is a directory of independent, London based food & drink makers. I started the project with my friend Rozzy in response to the Covid-19 lockdown, to help support local makers.

Type Services is a small type foundry I set up in 2017 with a focus on hand drawn type and imperfection in type design.

Themes #

Mood is lightweight, JavaScript-free Hugo theme for moodboarding.

Tools #

instagram-hugo. A simple demo site showing how to create an Instagram feed on a Hugo website using Profile Page Images Loader by Joost van der Schee.

Design tokens and styleguides with Eleventy. A simple workflow showing you how to use Eleventy and NPM Scripts to take YAML design tokens and generate a styleguide and CSS Custom properties.

Pens #

Link styles like… A growing collection of interesting link styles, found around the web and recreated in Codepen.

Past projects #

Remote Cards is a fun card generator tool for promoting live streaming events. I built this with my brother Ben during the first week of the Covid-19 lockdown.

In Detail. An engagememnt ring concierge service which started life as a jewellery blog. I co-founded the project back in 2011, with Jewellery consultant Beanie Major.

Monthly Newsletter

Once a month I curate a newletter for designers and developers interested in static sites, CSS and web performance. Check out past issues to get an idea.