Harry Cresswell


A collection of recent project case studies


Designing a content platform, store and weather app for a road cycling brand not adverse to the challenges of British weather.

Local London

A directory of London food & drink suppliers who deliver to your door. I started the project in response to the Covid-19 lockdown, to help support local Londoners and local suppliers who are still operating.

Remote Cards

A “Hello” card generator tool for promoting live streaming events. I built this with my brother Ben during the first week of the Covid-19 lockdown, in response to the increasing use of video tools.

AIN Jobs

A jobs board prototype which generates it’s content directly from markdown files. Built using Gatsby, React and GraphQL.


A simple Hugo site with a Git based CMS. Designed and built for a London based music, sound and visual agency. The site uses Forestry CMS, Cloudinary for media and Netlify for hosting.


A visual aid for creative projects – a moodboard of things I like. None of the content is my own. Built with Hugo, hosted with Netlify.

Dark Sky

is an electronic music project by Matt Benyayer. Since 2012 we’ve collaborated on artwork for most of Matts releases. You’ll find the music and artwork on my Soundcloud page.

Weekly Newsletter

Braintactics is a weekly roundup of articles, tools and tips for product designers and front-end developers. I send it every Friday morning.