Harry Cresswell

Privacy Policy.

In compliance with the data and privacy laws (“GDPR”), effective of May 25th 2018 and in an effort to be more transparent with those who who choose to share data with me, I have assembled the following information.

What data I collect

The only data I collect is the name and email address of those who sign up for my weekly newsletter via the sign up form on the bottom of each page.

What I do with data

I only email people who have genuinely signed up to receive my newsletter each week. I do not add contacts, clients or people I meet randomly on the climbing wall.

I use double opt-in during the sign up process to prevent spam accounts and include an unsubscribe link on each and every email I send out.

By signing up for my mailing list you are agreeing to receive an email from me containing useful content, once a week on a Friday and that’s it. I have no intention of selling you anything, advertising or passing your data on to any 3rd party services.

I do not use Google Analytics or any other tracking software.

How I keep your data safe

I store your data securely inside my Mailchimp account and use a generated password from 1Password and two-factor authentication (2FA) in order to keep it safe. Rest assured, your details aren’t lying around in an old spreadsheet or .csv file somewhere.

Weekly Newsletter

Braintactics is a weekly roundup of articles, tools and tips for product designers and front-end developers. I send it every Friday morning.