Harry Cresswell

What I’m doing right now

I’m currently in the sunny Algarve, in the south of Portugal! ☀️

A couple of weeks back I was in a car crash in my newly converted VW Transporter 🚐. It was our first day into a 2 month trip. We were planning on traveling in the van, working on personal projects and learning new skills 🏄‍.

It’s crazy how fast and unexpectedly things can change. In a moment of reckless driving (not by us!) our plans were taken from us and we were forced to make new ones.

Luckily we’re both fine but sadly the van isn’t doing so well. Whilst he’s being fixed we decided to try and continue the trip as best we can.

So right now we’re by the beach 🏝. We’re taking some time to reset and recharge the batteries which are somewhere close to empty after working so hard to build the van.

I’m working on Type Services and learning Practical Javascript. These are pretty much my priorities right now, but if you want to talk, drop me a messages. I’m always keen to hear from new people.

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