September 2023

Highlights and bookmarks from August. Plans for the month ahead.

Highlights from last month #

The Bear. Fantastic show. Like nothing I’ve seen before. Super intense at times, but the progression is satisfying. Highly recommend.

Few episodes into Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones. Learning lots from a bunch of happy, healthy centenarians, about how to live life to the full.

Link styles like…. Just for fun, when I stumble upon interesting link styles around the web, I’m attempting to recreate them in this Codepen.

Elsewhere on the web #

File over app is a philosophy: if you want to create digital artifacts that last, they must be files you can control, in formats that are easy to retrieve and read. Use tools that give you this freedom.“

Steph Ango’s File over app really struck a cord, it’s a sentiment I’ve shared since discovering Obsidian. If you’re creating content, don’t let gated tools call the shots, only to disappear some day taking your content with them.

Excited to learn that Eleventy is partnering with Cloudcannon. The Git-based CMS market is massively under-supported, my hope is that Eleventy’s popularity will help to change that.

How Google helped destroy the adoption of RSS feeds. Fascinating look at “Google’s track record of what appears to be an Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish model.”

Luke Harris shows how to Prevent OpenAI from crawling your content. As Ethan Marcotte points out, you might also want to disallow ChatGPT plugins. - Using and contributing to CO2.js. Fershad Irani on the only open source performance monitoring tool, which has a sustainability plugin that returns an estimate of carbon emissions, for every page of your site.

What I’m up to this month #

Still working on:

  • Launching my new SCSS/CSS starter.
  • Finishing up the first part of Practical Hugo.

Whilst also:

  • Developing a website for a solar business.
  • Working on the redesign of an exercise app.

Thank you for reading #

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