November 2023

Writing anything at the moment is proving painfully difficult. I’ve got out of the habit, due to a bit of time off and various other commitments.

I usually find the ol’ newsletter is a good chance to get the wheels turning once more. This format I use helps. Like following a recipe, it makes it a whole lot easier and helps lead the way.

So here’s what’s been happening and what I’m planning for the month ahead.

Highlights from last month #

Island hopping in the Canary Islands. We visited 3 islands in a couple of weeks: Tenerife, La Gomera and La Palma. All incredible in their own ways. We could have easily been out there for a month or two.

Cosmos by Carl Sagan has been sitting on my bookshelf for years. I should have picked it up sooner. Great book.

Finishing the first phase of the Mew app redesign.

Launching Solarsimple.

Elsewhere on the web #

I enjoyed reading Michelle’s Greenwashing and the Cop28 website and Fershad’s follow up COP28 UAE: A Low Carbon Website Review.

I learnt a few things in Styling External Links with Attribute Selectors also from Michelle.

It all means nothing in the end is a fantastic talk by Amy Hupe about finding meaning in your work.

You are UI. Can you guess what your soul is?. An interesting analogy explaining the difference between UX and UI, from Martin Sandström.

“Start with the basics and scale up… HTML and CSS are unlikely to go away. I mean, everything parses in HTML at the end of the day, right? And CSS is used on 97% of all websites.”

Victoria Johnson in What I Wish I Knew About Working In Development Right Out Of School

What I’m up to this month #

I plan on finding more time for side projects in December.

I’m close to putting some Practical Hugo content out, but I’ve been saying that for a while, I know. It’s taken far longer than I anticipated, but isn’t that true of everything worthwhile. Now we’re nearly there with our house move there’s not much holding me back.

I’m currently reading The man who mastered gravity which I’m enjoying.

I’m also slowing working my way through The X-files – just as good as I remember.

Thank you for reading #

Thanks for tuning in for another issue.

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Seeing you in the next one. Harry

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