May 2024

My RSS reader has been packed full of posts about AI this past month. As I learn more about the detrimental costs I’m beginning to pay closer attention. In this issue I have a couple of excellent reads on the subject.

As usual, here are my highlights from April, a few good links from around the web and what I have planned for the month of May.

Highlights from April #

Watched The 3 Body Problem, Past Lives and All the Light We Cannot See.

Rewrote the CSS on my personal site, reducing file size by 33% all without any changes to the overall design. I have a post about the process coming soon.

Spent time in Bremen, hit the cinema to see Dune: Part Two and visited the Buddhismus exhibition at the Ebersee Museum.

Celebrated my sisters birthday and hosted friends and family visiting from Germany.

Read The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Sahil Lavingia.

Elsewhere on the web #

“Researchers have assessed that generating a single AI image requires the same amount of energy needed to fully charge your iPhone battery. Training an AI model also requires “626,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, or the equivalent of around 300 round-trip flights between New York and San Francisco—nearly five times the lifetime emissions of the average car.“

How AI Cheapens Design (At a Great Ecological Cost) by John P. Kazior.

AI isn’t useless. But is it worth it?. A fantastic read from Molly White on the potential benefits and very real costs of AI.

In The Wabi Sabi Web, Tom Greenwood explores how the Japanese philosophy that values imperfection and impermanence beauty might help us rethink design and create a healthier relationship with the digital products we use every day.

Help us invent CSS Grid Level 3, aka “Masonry” layout. Jen Simmons calls designers to join the debate on how this long requested feature should be implemented in CSS. Have your say and let’s get those bricks in the browser.

Empty Space. A short but thoughtful post from Tightwad, about the often opposing viewpoints of designer and stakeholder.

What I’m up to in May #

  • Various client projects.
  • Writing content for Practical Hugo.
  • Running the Hackney Half.
  • Migrating my Notion to Obsidian.

Thank you for reading #

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