March 2024

Here are my highlights from February, a few good links from around the web and what I have planned for the month of March.

Highlights from February #

Watched Darkest Hour, Maestro, Einstein and the Bomb and One Day

Read Journeys out of the body by Robert Monroe and Zen: The Art of Simple Living by Shunmyō Masunoe.

Published Adding a “last updated” date to posts which might be useful for Hugo users.

Released cu.css v0.1.5 which adds Prose and Switcher to the docs and includes various other small improvements to the documentation and CSS starter itself.

Ran a personal best at Parkrun.

Elsewhere on the web #

I enjoyed reading Meandering Thoughts on Low Technology from Tim Rodenbröker.

Robins new homepage inspired by HyperCard and the current state of the web is fantastic.

Ross Wintle’s A manifesto for small, static, web apps really resonates, particularly after reading Michelle’s post above.

Lot’s on utility-first CSS doing the rounds this month. I particularly enjoyed Heydon’s What is utility-first CSS? which is as amusing as it is spot on. Also Tailwind marketing and misinformation engine from Tero Piirainen, which makes an excellent case for why we should avoid utility-first CSS. Full disclosure: I work on projects that use Tailwind, but I agree with everything said in these posts. That’s why I’m using Andy’s CUBE CSS in my personal projects.

How to make external links accessible from Whitney Lewis makes a great case for why external links should open in the same tab.

I’m really enjoying Matthias Ott’s Own Your Web newsletter. The latest issue, Issue 10: Links Worth Sharing made me realise I need a /links pages.

What I’m up to in March #

  • Taking a week off to go skiing in France with a bunch of friends.
  • Finding a new book to read.
  • Adding a /links page to my personal site.
  • Various client projects.
  • Writing Practical Hugo content.
  • Parkrunning.

Thank you for reading #

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