June 2023

May was a tough one to take. Rebekka and I both got sick and had to pull out of the Hackney Half. A real shame, as we’d been training for a while, but we’ll continue our training and focus on the next one, wherever that may be.

On the upside, there’s been lots of highlights this month. And, the weather in the northern hemisphere is finally starting to feel more like summer. Time to get outside more.

Here’s the latest.

✨ Highlights from last month #

  • I’m finding time for Practical Hugo again. And, I hope to have some content out there in the next couple of months. Let’s hope I can stick to that.
  • I’ve been working on how I write CSS. CSS is developing fast, so it’s time to improve my approach. I’m planning on formalising this with a new starter project, of sorts, which I’ll add to a public Github repo soon.
  • I bought an Apple Watch SE a couple of weeks back. Mostly to track my runs and map routes. I was concerned it would be yet another distraction, but I’m pleasantly surprised.
  • Over the bank holiday I watched The Swimmers, which follows the remarkable true story of two teenage Syrian refugees.

🕸 Elsewhere on the web #

🗓 What I’m up to this month #

  • I’m currently back in Germany for another family event.
  • Working on Practical Hugo and my second Hugo theme.
  • I hope to get back into distance running after a few weeks off.
  • Continuing my monthly ski sessions.

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