July 2023

I was on holiday last week, so this one’s coming to you later than usual.

I probably should have done something clever like schedule it in advance, but I didn’t have time for that, sadly. It’s been a busy month, celebrating birthdays, selling our flat, monitoring our blood sugar. You know, the usual stuff!

✨ Highlights from last month #

  • Spent time in German celebrating the 90th birthday of Rebekka’s Opa.
  • Celebrating my own birthday with family and friends.
  • Spent two weeks wearing a blood glucose monitor (and doing a bunch of other tests) for the Zoe personalised nutrition program.
  • Took a family trip to Cornwall; where we spent time in Portscatho, Falmouth, St Mawes, Mevagissy and at the fantastic Eden Project.

🕸 Elsewhere on the web #

🗓 What I’m up to this month #

  • Working on the identity for a new solar power business.
  • Working on Practical Hugo and my second Hugo theme.
  • Revisiting my SCSS/CSS stater.

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