April 2024

Here are my highlights from March, a few good links from around the web and what I have planned for the month of April.

Highlights from March #

Watched The Dropout, Poor Things, The Gentlemen and Beef.

Added a links page to my personal site and spent far too much time deliberating whether or not to make link titles link to the external content or to an internal page – I went with the latter.

Published Software that encourages deletion, Digital clean up day, Finding good websites, File over app and Ready to Party Like It’s 1999…Again.

Read The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel.

Spent a great week skiing in La Plagne with a bunch of friends.

Elsewhere on the web #

“Reducing digital clutter is synonymous with prioritizing what truly matters.”

Embracing simplicity: the indubitable benefits of reducing digital clutter from Iryna Komazova.

I recently discovered Jared White’s The Internet Review and enjoyed reading Why I’m Ready to Party Like It’s 1999…Again about how blogging is making a comeback.

After writing about Software that prioritises local data storage, I fell down the local-first software development rabbit whole and spent a good bit of time reading Local-first software: You own your data, in spite of the cloud, a long but fascinating read.

What the world needs. Jeremy Keith on why you should be writing and publishing on the web.

606: Web Sustainability with Michelle Barker. Chris, Dave and Michelle talk about the environmental impact of our websites and how to build the web in a more sustainable way.

What I’m up to in April #

  • Various client projects.
  • Rewriting the CSS on my personal website.
  • Writing Practical Hugo content.
  • Hosting friends and family from Germany in London.
  • Parkrunning.

Thank you for reading #

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