#93 - Personal Websites

Hey everyone,

Here’s this weeks hoard of interesting links from around the internet…

Thought provoking #

Into the personal website-verse. Mattias Ott builds a great argument for why you might want to focus on your personal website.

Design and Code #

Cut your forms in half by Bradley Taunt.

Ben Robertson on How to run a quick accessibility audit.

Native Lazy-loading is on its way to the browser. Here Erk Struwe takes A Deep Dive into Native Lazy-Loading for Images and Frames.

Michelle Barker’s series on Debugging CSS Grid will help you understand implicit tracks and the Fr(action) unit.

Typography #

Mataj Latin just launched his Better Web Type blog. His new article explores The state of fluid web typography.

Typography in Design Systems. Nathan Curtis explains how to choose fonts, set a hierarchy, and integrate type with components.

Jason Pamental on Variable fonts, Part the Second: Optical size, custom axes, and other curiosities.

Tasting East London through its fast food typography from Sarah Hyndman.

Something to watch #

Is Ecosia legit? Our Changing Climate looks into whether Ecosia really plants trees for every web search you make.

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