#92 - Working remotely

Hi Folks,

Here’s this weeks hoard of interesting links from around the internet…

Thought provoking #

Working remotely on an island: a day in the life of a company of one. Paul Jarvis gives an insight into what it’s like to run a small business from his home on a remote island off the coast of Canada.

A Designer’s Guide To Better Decisions by Eric Olive.

Design and Code #

Erik Kennedy on launching a new Accessible Color Generator. Another recent post from Erik worth reading is 5 Practical Exercises to Learn UI Design (For Free).

Create a responsive grid layout with no media queries, using CSS Grid from Andy Bell.

CSS Colors: Learn how to work with colors in CSS from Flavio Copes.

Rachel Andrew on Getting involved with the web platform.

Typography #

Alibaba Sans, designed for the e-commerce giant by Monotype, has 11 different weights and works across 172 different languages.

Adobe Fonts adds 19 new faces from Dunwich Type Founders, OH no Type Co. and Dalton Maag.

Something to watch #

Greater than Avatars how freelance designer Matt D. Smith manages work, health, and family. A new film series from designer Dann Petty on the humans behind the avatars.

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