#91 - Sustainable websites

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Here’s this weeks hoard of interesting links from around the internet…

Thought provoking #

“More data uses more energy. It uses energy in the data centre itself. Data centres use huge amounts of energy. A typical data centre uses the energy of a medium sized town but you wouldn’t know it because it’s just a warehouse.”

Tom Greenwood share the steps you can take to make your website more sustainable on Sustainable The Podcast.

The Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane is now available to read online for free.

Design and Code #

CSS masonry with flexbox, :nth-child(), and order from Tobias Ahlin.

Hidde de Vries on Naming things to improve accessibility.

The CSS Handbook: a handy guide to CSS for developers from Flavio Copes.

Typography #

Jason Pamental on Progressive Font Enrichment: reinventing web font performance.

Using character units to control your line length from Bradley Taunt.

Getting to the bottom of line height in Figma. Marcin Wichary walks through the changes to how text is rendered in Figma.

How this one font took over the world by Rachel Hawley.

Something to watch #

TED Talk by triathlete Joel Runyon on how Cold Shower Therapy can help you become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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