#87 - Simple and boring

Hi Folks,

Here’s this weeks hoard of interesting links from around the internet…

Thought provoking #

Simple & Boring. Chris Coyier takes a meandering waltz through what other people have to say about simplicity.

Mobile usability made simple from Denislav Jeliazkov.

Design and Code #

Designing and building for Systems from Daniel Eden.

Sarah Gibbons on User Need Statements: The ‘Define’ Stage in Design Thinking.

The role of UX writing in design ethics from Andrea Drugay.

Rachel Andrew explains the different alignment methods in How to align things in CSS.

How to create a dark\light mode switch in CSS and Javascript from Sebastiano Guerriero.

Typography #

Just My Type is a podcast that covers the history, uses, and look of a different typeface each week!

Palace Display, the new typeface for London’s Alexandra Palace, makes heritage fun.

For your ears #

Gorgeous – a new release from Slowthai

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