#85 - Finding focus

Hi Folks,

Here’s this weeks hoard of interesting links from around the internet…

Thought provoking #

Cal Newport on finding focus in the age of distraction by Michael Thomas.

10 Things Your Content Marketing Strategy Must Include from Copyblogger.

Storytelling.design. A brief intro to storytelling and the importance of stories.

Design and Code #

Taras Bakusevych on How to simplify your design.

“Learn to write well. Communicating your work is important for any design field, but especially for UX design.” Stop trying to fit in with your portfolio. An interview with Tobias van Schneider on Case Study Club.

How to use data in user research when you have no web analytics from Louise Petre.

See No Evil: Hidden Content and Accessibility. An insightful read from Paul Herbert.

Typography #

Dan Mall on Typograpy in design systems.

Lauren Lauzau shares some important tips in Typography on the web.

FontPair, a list of font combination suggestions.

Something to watch #

Brian Cox and Joe Rogan talk particle physics, black holes, artificial intelligence and lightsabers.

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