#81 - Elegant simplifiers

Hi Folks,

Here’s this weeks hoard of noteworthy links from around the internet…

Thought provoking #

“Elegant simplifiers create designs that are crystal clear.”

“In our modern world, it’s easy to junk things up. Simple is hard. We’re quick to add more questions to research surveys, more buttons to a digital interface, more burdens to people.”

“[Good design] guides the user toward the objective, without distraction. Good design is transparent.”

Kate Clayton in Be an Elegant Simplifier.

Design and Code #

The Design Process: What is the Double Diamond? Designers across disciplines share strikingly similar approaches to the creative process, Design Council have mapped this out as ‘the Double Diamond’.

A few good reads on designing forms: Firstly, Don’t get clever with login forms from Brad Frost, then Please stop building inaccessible forms from Kent C Dodds and finally, 21 ways Typeform uses typeforms by Eric Johnson.

Typography #

Sia Karamalegos on Making Google fonts load faster.

To add some warmth to the Originals collection, Adobe recently released Adobe Handwriting, a trio of fonts based on the handwriting of some Adobe designers.

Something to watch #

Harrison BDP - Decompression has kept me going this week. It’s been a busy one, but now I’m off skiing.

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