#76 - Mindful design

Hi Folks,

A few noteworthy links from around the internet…

Thought provoking #

A Top Roboticist Says A.I. Will Not Conquer Humanity from Brian Bergstein.

Mindful Design, a book designed to infuse your design process with the understanding and appreciation the human mind deserves.

Design and Code #

CSS Tricks Design v17 write up from Chris Coyier.

In Stepping away from Sass Cathy Dutton explains why she left out Sass and media queries in favour of native CSS grid, calc, viewport units and custom properties, for her website redesign.

Ken Bellows on Why we need CSS subgrid.

Typography #

“The mono-space and letter shapes rhythm allows for both warmth and precision while keeping an optimal readability in small screen sizes.”

Reno Mono – a free and rather beautiful mono spaced font from Renaud Futterer.

“It’s a good reminder to design not for what we expect to see, but for what we actually believe we’re seeing.” – Jonathan Hoefler

Turning Type Sideways explores optical illusions in typography.

Something to watch #

Rams, a documentary portrait of design legend Dieter Rams is out now, you can watch it online. This review of the documentary by Arun Venkatesan is also worth a read.

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