#69 - Mental models for designers

Hi Folks,

A few links I felt were worth sharing this week…

Thought provoking #

“So many people think you have to first call yourself an artist, know who you are and what you’re about, and then you can start making art… The important thing is the practice. The doing. The verb. We aren’t nouns, we are verbs. Forget the nouns, do the verbs.”

We are verbs, not nouns from Austin Kleon’s new book, Keep Going.

Design and Code #

Mental models in product design from Teresa Man.

Greg Whitworth looks at the journey browsers goes through to take your CSS from Braces to Pixels.

Google’s Web.dev helps developers learn and apply the web’s modern capabilities to websites and apps.

Help Mozilla build the browser you want by taking the Design Tools Survey.

Typography #

No more new similar typefaces for extended reading, please! An essay by Thomas Bohm, exploring the issue of design similarity and usefulness in typeface design.

Sweden Sans – the practical and versatile typeface designed by Sö-Type Foundry for the Sweden brand identity.

Something to watch #

MARS Season 2 is now streaming on Nat Geo. Here’s the trailer.

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