#66 - Reset the room

Hi folks,

A few links I felt were worth sharing this week…

Thought provoking #

How to Make Your Future Habits Easy taken from Atomic Habits by James Clear. Make this your next book, it’s a real gem.

“Be humble. Don’t think or act like you are special or better than anyone else (even if you actually are).” The Scandinavian rule that every designer should follow from Ahmed H. Aly.

Design and Code #

Stephen Lindberg on Concise Media Queries with CSS Grid.

How I Do Web Development from my iPad Pro Full Time from Curtis McHale. Having spent a few hours this week trying to figure out web development on a Chromebook, I know first hand how useful an article like this is.

Typography #

The face of Design Switzerland, a quirky monospace font, designed for Pro Helvetia by Base Design and Ian Party of Swiss Typefaces.

Meet Banana Grotesk, the first offering from Monkey Type. The font is “based on an attempt to sketch Akzidenz Grotesk from memory, with some interesting characteristics of Gill Facia thrown into the mix”.

Something to watch #

Why beautiful things make us happy - beauty explained. Latest collab between Sagmeister & Walsh and Kurzgesagt. Oh and don’t forget to grab your 12,019 Human Era Calendar.

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