#65 - Asking (coding) questions

Hi folks,

Here are a few links I felt were worth sharing this week.

Thought provoking #

Dieter Rams wants Silicon Valley to Stop: In Gary Hustwit’s highly anticipated new documentary “Rams,” the legendary industrial designer indicts the world he helped create.

How to be great at asking (coding) questions from Gordon Zhu.

Design and Code #

Documenting design workflows from Josiah Austin Gulden

Shoptalk Show podcast #334: How to think like a front-end developer with Brad Frost

What is Modular CSS?

Typography #

Typekit is now Adobe Fonts: No more sync limits, web only fonts, web font pageview and domain limits.

Bethany Heck talks Aperçu on Font Review Journal.

Something to watch #

I saw First Man in Strasbourg this week and loved it. Space fan or not it’s well worth watching.

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