#63 - Staying motivated

Hi folks,

Here are a few links I felt were worth sharing this week.

Thought provoking #

You Won’t Stay Motivated On Your Goals If You Don’t Follow These 7 Principles by Nicolas Cole.

Beguiling Photographs of Pancakes Cast As Moons Can a book of pancake photographs lead you to question the power of images in general?

Design and Code #

How I remember CSS Grid properties from Zell Liew.

The New Framer X: Initial Impressions from Lachezar Petkov.

Chris Oliver made this Monster list of UX Books.

Typography #

Sans Forgetica - researchers develop a typeface they say can boost memory.

Bethany Heck on Structural Type - type as both language and composition.

The Complete CSS Demo for OpenType Features by Tunghsiao Liu.

Something to watch #

In his Ted talk How I climbed a 3000ft verticle cliff - without ropes, Alex Honnald explains how he used visualisation, preparation and dedication to master free solo climbing.

Jimmy Chin made a documentary about Alex’s climb for National Geographic called Free Solo.

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