#43 - Building static sites

Hi folks,

Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this week.

Good articles if you build static sites #

I wrote a quick article about static site form handling with Netlify. If you use Netlify to deploy your site this is the fastest and easiest way to collect form submissions (for free) and have them sent to your email. Trust me I’ve tried them all.

And another on managing internal and external links in Hugo. If you’ve built a site using Hugo and publish articles in various places on the internet (like Medium) then this one should come in handy.

Automation and Productivity #

You may not be interested in How to Manage Freelancers but this is an awesome case study of using Zapier, Calendly and Airtable to create a systems which run on autopilot, freeing your time to be productive elsewhere in your business.

Useful tools for UI designers #

UI Faces is an awesome API for avatars to use in Sketch projects. If you have a twitter account you can even submit your own to be used by the community.

Interface Lovers for interviews with well respected designers, which I still feel there is a real lack of.

Ever needed landing page inspiration beyond the usual stuff you find on Dribbble? Here are my go to resources:

Lapa, Pages, Land Book and One Page Love.

Book recommendations for building indie businesses #

I dug into this thread on book recommendations for indie businesses and discovered Side Project Books, an awesome collection of reading material for for anyone interested in building a business on the side.

Watches on AI, Humanity and focus #

“Nothing will affect the future of humanity more than digital super-intelligence” says Elon Musk.

Watch Chris Paine’s new AI movie Don’t trust Your Computer for free until Sunday night.

How to Focus Intensely from [Freedom in Thought](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd6Za0CXVldhY8fK8eYoIuw

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