#32 - Breaking down problems

Hi folks,

Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this week.

How to think like a programmer #

“Break down the problem into smaller problems”.

Simple but solid advice whether you’re just starting out with javascript or stuck on other difficult problem. It’s easy to see how Zell applies the same approach to his writing. His blog is full of well written articles covering all aspects of designing for the web.

A timeless pursuit of typography #

Gudrun Zapf von Hesse has released her first digital typeface, Hesse Antiqua, aged 100.

“This is a transformation of the Hesse Antiqua from a lettering alphabet into a typeface” explains Ferdinand Ulrich, the typographer who helped Gudrun Zapf von Hesse digitise her alphabet.

This reminds me of the late Bill Cunningham’s dedication to documenting fashion. I have nothing but admiration for these kind of people. Personally, if I make it that far I’ll be forever grateful to be at least half as driven.

It’s also makes me wonder what the next 100 years has in store for typography.

How new font technologies will improve the web #

For now, a fairly safe bet would be the rise of Variable fonts and Parametric fonts.

Variable fonts and parametric fonts are tools that will undeniably revolutionise responsive web type. They will allow graphic and web designers to explore shapes and sizes on their own and to tailor typefaces to their needs.”

How to use variable fonts on the web ****is a helpful place to start with these technologies.

TCCC Unity: The New Typeface for Coca-Cola #

Coca-cola is the latest mega brand to launch a bespoke brand typeface. Designed in partnership with Brody Associates and “produced in a number of weights and styles to ensure a high level of flexibility and voice in application”.

“The typeface is designed to be open, with a large x-height, and has a wide form, extended to relate this sense of Modern Americana.”

An app has been launched to present the new typeface.

So far so good #

I hope you’ve all had a good start to 2018. It seems like an appropriate time to share this old classic from J Dilla.

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