#31 - Goals versus systems

Hi folks,

A very happy new year to you all. I hope you enjoyed the holidays. Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this week.

Systems vs goals #

“…goals are good for planning your progress and systems are good for actually making progress.”

I’m sure we all have goals we’d like to accomplish in 2018. In this short article James Clear explains why focusing on systems is a far more effective way to making things happen.

Typeface vs Font #

Should the terms font and typeface be used interchangeably? Ralf Herrmann does an excellent job at answers what may be the most widely argued topic in design, using some clever music related analogies and a few venn diagrams for good measure.

Typography Reviews #

Typographica is an extensive resource of typeface reviews, book reviews and type commentary. I’m a sucker for type reviews, I’m not sure why it’s taken so long to share this one.

CSS Grid Course #

Over the holidays Per Harald Borgen released his free 13 part CSS Grid course which I mentioned a while back. If you work with CSS I highly recommend taking the course. 2018 is the year for Grid. The videos are nice and short and well explained.

Deutschland 83 #

I’ve been watching Deutschland 83 (in order to practice my German), which I highly recommend—even if you have zero interest in the language. It follows a 24-year-old native of East Germany who is sent to the West as an undercover spy for the HVA. Here’s the full soundtrack for your ears. Expect viele 80’s hits.

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