#21 - Harmonious design systems

Hey folks,

Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. How do you achieve rhythm and harmony across an entire website, not just in typography but through all UI components and in other information dense layouts?

These articles by Priyanka Godbole have been helpful in my quest for an answer:

A framework to create an accessible & harmonious typography system for faster design-dev handoff

A Framework for Creating a Predictable and Harmonious Spacing System.

In case you’re short on time, this quote from Robert Bringhurst is where it all begins:

“Don’t compose without a scale. Type should actually be the scale that defines almost everything else.”

  1. 50 years of children’s books. An exhibition celebrating Quentin Blake’s lifelong collaboration with author John Yeoman

  2. Have you heard of Font Review Journal before? Designer Bethany Heck calls it a “home for reviews and analysis of typefaces both new and old”. I particularly like her review of Brothers.

  3. Two tools I couldn’t live without: Font Ninja which I use to identify type on the web and The punctuation Guide, because—let’s face it—remembering the difference between American and British punctuation can be a challenge.

  4. For your ears: I’ve been enjoying Michael McDonald’s 1982 hit I keep forgettin’ this week. You might recognise the sample, which Warren G used 12 years later in his hit Regulate—perhaps the more familiar of the two.

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