#183 - Creative constraints

Hi everyone,

Welcome to issue #183. I hope you’re all safe and doing well.

This past month I’ve mostly been building themes, working with data, thinking about creative constraints and trying to write less CSS. Alongside all the usual client commitments, of course.

Here’s a few things that have caught my eye over the course of February.

Thought provoking #

“What obvious thing are we missing?” is a better question than “What exciting thing could we be doing?” Harry Dry in 7 Backlinks in 27 minutes.

“Sharing your ideas online allows others to access your knowledge without taking your time.” Love this idea from David Perell.

How To Read A Book DKB shares a practical system for implementing better reading.

Design and Code #

A Complete Guide to CSS Cascade Layers. Miriam Suzanne explains the problem cascade layers help solve and how to start using them.

CSS Scroll Snap Slide Deck That Supports Live Coding. Stephanie Eckles builds an awesome no-JavaScript slide deck in Codepen.

Performance and sustainability #

Reducing The Web’s Carbon Footprint: Optimizing Social Media Embeds. A fantastic article from Michelle Barker on the top offenders causing page bloat and poor performance, including lots of useful tips to help deal with the problem.

I recently discovered Digital Waste Explained by the brilliant Gerry McGovern, author of World Wide Waste. 34 declarations that will make you question the sustainability of your digital practices.

Privacy and security #

How to protect your privacy, fight spam and reclaim control of your email address. A short thread on email masking, which I’ve recently become a big fan of.

Typography #

Roboto Serif. The newest member of the Roboto superfamily is designed to make reading more comfortable at any size, in any format.

Comic Sans is a good typeface, actually. Eric Bailey on the perception of Comic Sans as an inferior typeface.

Something to watch #

Earlier this month I watched The Alpinist, a fascinating documentary about young climber Marc-André Leclerc. His accomplishments and outlook on life are remarkable.

Thank you for reading #

Thanks for tuning in for another issue.

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