#182 - Simplicity is velocity

Hey everyone,

Welcome to issue #182, I hope you’ve all had a positive start to 2022.

This month I’ve mainly been hammering away at my keyboard writing content for my Hugo course. So far so good, but it might take me a while! Doing my best to write daily updates. I didn’t manage every day, but let’s be honest, that was always going to be difficult.

I’m also giving timeblocking another go in an attempt to structure my time better. It’s not always easy to stick to your blocks, but it’s a useful guide and a massive help for focus.

Something else I’ve been working on is using facades to load video . I might write some more about this in the coming weeks as it’s a super simple way to improve site performance.

Anyway, enough about what I’ve been up to. Here’s your monthly dose of what’s happening in and around the world of design, code and typography.

Thought provoking #

“Do the work and let the work find the people.” A tweet from Jack Butcher.

“Focus is the path of least resistance. (Simplicity is velocity.)” A tweet from Nicolas Cole.

“What’s the best small thing I can do right now?” James Clear in Productivity, success, and 3 simple questions to improve your day.

“Simple is almost always more effective than complex.” Andy Bell on CUBE CSS.

How to Make the Most of Your 24 Hours from Leo Babauta.

Design and Code #

“Your websites start fast until you add too much to make them slow.” In Add Less, Cassidy Williams answers the question; What can people do to make their website better?

Writing Better CSS. Aleksandr Hovhannisyan shares some of the latest techniques to help you reduce the complexity of your code and write better CSS.

The Side Project Prophecy. Brian Lovin explains how building first and sharing second, will help you starts a conversations, builds creative momentum and stay motivated.

Getting Started With CSS Cascade Layers. Stephanie Eckles digs into the very exciting @layer at-rule, coming soon to CSS that will finally help us tame the cascade.

Performance and sustainability #

“A sustainable web is also a faster web.” Fershad Irani on Website performance and the planet.

How Optimizing Core Web Vitals on The Economic Times achieved a 43% better bounce rate.

Typography #

“Fluid typography shouldn’t serve as a replacement for responsive typography, but as an enhancement for specific use-cases instead.” Fantastic article from Adrian Bece on Modern Fluid Typography Using CSS Clamp. Lot’s of use-cases and pointers in regards to accessibility.

For more on fluid type with Clamp checkout Aleksandr Hovhannisyan’s Fluid Type Scale Calculator, to help you generate font size variables for a fluid type scale.

Absolutely loving Ozik from nuform type, Erik Marinovich’s new type design practice.

Thank you for reading #

Thanks for tuning in for the first one of 2022!

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Seeing you in the next one.


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