#18 - Creating a custom typeface

Hi Folks,

Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. Creative Review talks to Lukas Paltram, creative director of Brixon based type foundry Dalton Maag about the process behind creating a custom typeface for the BBC. BBC Reith is slowly being rolled out across all BBC platforms. Right now you can see it in use on the BBC website and updated logo.

  2. Remember that time Elon Musk said he’s almost certain reality is a simulation. The latest video from KurzgesagtIs Reality Real? The Simulation Argument does a good job of explaining what the hell he was talking about when he said that.

  3. If this sort of thing doesn’t hurt your head, then I highly recommend reading Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. Home Deus is the follow up to Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, which I shared a while back. The book explores how the pursuit for god-like power though technology and ‘intellegent design’ will impact the future of humanity. The subjects of human consciousness and reality are integral parts of Harari’s argument.

  4. UI designers: here’s a great article by the Marvel team on The Psychology Principles Every UI/UX Designer Needs to Know. Sketch users: here’s the very entertaining Pablo Stanley demonstrating Libraries, the insanely powerful new feature coming up in Sketch 47.

  5. Music listeners: Goldie – Timeless. Probably the most important Drum and Bass album ever made.

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