#170 - Full Stack Anxiety

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Welcome to issue #170, your weekly roundup of what’s happening in design, code and typography.

Thought provoking #

Full Stack Anxiety is that creeping doubt, when you just don’t know what the right choice is. Do I grow as a designer or do I grow as a developer? As a manager, a teacher, a business-person? In this talk, Joel Califa explores how to figure out where to grow.

How Search Engines Could Help Us Surf More Safely and Sustainably – a Concept from Brian Louis Ramirez. If you knew beforehand how much a website costs in terms of time, money, privacy and the environment – would you still visit it?

Design and Code #

State of CSS 2020. This years results are in and CSS in 2020 looks nothing like what you were used to. Sacha Greif and Raphaël Benitte present the data and highlight the trends.

A11y Advent Calendar. An accessibility tip a day from Hugo Giraudel.

Native Aspect Ratio Boxes in CSS thanks to aspect-ratio from Bram Van Damme. With Chromium 89 (current Canary) and Firefox 85 (current Nightly) already supporting aspect-ratio unflagged, it’s time to start playing with this new addition and start thinking about dropping all those nasty hacks to mimic aspect ratios in CSS.

So you wanna create an eco-friendly website. Eric Bailey shares advice for building greener websites which just so happen to be faster, more reliable, more robust and have a great end user experience.

Typography #

A font-display setting for slow connections. A detailed look at the font-display property from Matt Hobbs.

Text Gradients. Sebastiano Guerriero shows how to create text gradients in CSS using background gradients and clipping masks.

How to Choose a Typeface 1 – Different Kinds of Text. Oliver Schöndorfer on how to make better typographic choices.

Viral is a free font for quarantining in 2020: a dash of paranoia, a scoop of cabin fever, and 1,000+ glasses of wine.

Something to watch #

“Every bit of freedom that a designer has for creativity and good is also freedom for abuse.”

In Why The Web Is Such A Mess Tom Scott looks at how the web evolved from a place to share documents into a data harvesting nightmare.

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