#167 - Growing your reputation

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Welcome to issue #167, your weekly roundup of what’s happening in design, code and typography.

Thought provoking #

“What is one repeating problem you can automate or eliminate today?” 1 question for you from James Clear.

How To Grow Your Reputation As A Developer. Shawn Wang talks to Joel Hooks about getting a developer job via the ”back-door”, whether to generalize or specialize and how to go about mentorship while making the most efficient use of your time.

Design and Code #

“Platform differences make it impossible to hit ‘true’ pixel-perfection, but in practice, this isn’t a big deal. We can’t guarantee a universal consistency, but we can ensure that each experience is internally consistent, and is faithful to the spirit of the design. That’s the most important thing.”

Josh Comeau in Chasing the Pixel-Perfect Dream.

Not so short note on aria-label usage – Big Table Edition. Steve Faulkner with some helpful insights into when to use aria-label.

Understanding flex-grow, flex-shrink, and flex-basis. Robin Rendle explains what’s actually happening when you write display: flex; and shares some useful tips for remembering the longhand values it creates.

SVGBOX. Chris Coyier digs into a handy icon API which makes it dead simple to include icon sprites in your projects using the tag.

Typography #

The Fonts in Popular Things Identified Vol. 2. Jeremiah Shoaf identifies the fonts used in popular things you might encounter in contemporary visual culture.

“Among the most curious broadsides are those printed in rebuses. Rebus writing substitutes pictures or symbols for words, but not in the same way that pictograms do. With pictograms, a picture of, for example, a bee simply represents the insect. But in rebus writing, a picture of a bee is used to substitute for the letter b or its sound.” John Boardley in Emoji B4 Emoji.

Ohno Type School is an informative walk through the Latin alphabet, complete some amusing references which will help you spot the notable characteristics of each glyph.

Something to watch #

Web animation gotchas. Jake & Surma talk through the various gotchas of animating the web, and how to work around them.

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